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    FAST FINGERS: Horsham College student and 2019 World Cubing Championships competitor Oscar Watson can solve more than 10 different types of Rubik’s cubes. He will be one of many Wimmera cubing enthusiasts to compete at the second Horsham Speedcubing Competition at Horsham West and Haven Primary School at the weekend. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER
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    Oscar Watson will compete in a cubing competition in Horsham at the weekend.
  • Hero image
    Oscar Watson will compete in a cubing competition in Horsham at the weekend.

VIDEO: Speedcubing competition to test skills

By Lotte Reiter

One-handed, blindfolded or with their feet, Rubik’s cube enthusiasts from across the district will test their speed-cubing pace at Horsham this weekend.

The World Cube Association has approved another speedcubing competition in the rural city following an inaugural event last year.

Horsham West and Haven Primary School will host the open-age event at its Horsham campus, where up to 74 cubers will aim to beat their cube-solving records in any of the 12 events.

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Organising teacher Michelle Watson said the competition would extend across two days this year to allow for more event categories after opening success last year.

“The feedback from our 2018 competition was very positive,” she said.

“There is definitely potential for this to be an annual event as it caters for cubers who live a reasonable distance from major cities and events. So, if you can solve a cube then you’re welcome to join in. 




“We’re looking for more cubers from the area to make the most of this opportunity.”

More than 40 people have already registered to compete, including speedcuber Jack Cai, the world record holder for a single 3x3 cube solve while blindfolded, at 16.22 seconds.

Mrs Watson said her son Oscar would also be among the action.

Earlier this month, Oscar competed in 13 events at the World Cubing Championships at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. He placed second in a ‘Skewb’ category at national level.

Mrs Watson said Oscar used YouTube tutorials to teach himself how to solve cubes before teaching the rest of his family, who have since travelled to competitions in New Zealand, Tasmania, Adelaide and Melbourne.

“He taught my daughter, husband and myself the 3x3 cube,” Mrs Watson said.

“He can solve the Pyraminx, Skewb, Megaminx, Clock, Square-1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 3x3 blindfolded, 3x3 one-handed, 3x3 feet and ‘FMC’, fewest moves challenge. 

“Actually, he solves a 3x3 with his feet faster than I can with my hands.

“Oscar was able to choose the Horsham events and helped organise the schedule with Melbourne-based World Cube Association delegate Ethan Pride, who organised the Worlds and was a delegate at Horsham’s 2018 event.” 

As a World Cube Association event, Mrs Watson said any record time at the Horsham competition would be official.

“Participants are aiming to improve on their times,” she said. “In Horsham last year, Feliks Zemdegs completed all his 3x3 solves next to me in the time that I solved one. I was in the same round as him but clearly there was no competition between us. 

“The size of the competition is not important. If you break a record, in Horsham or the Worlds, if it is a WCA official competition, your time is valid and recorded on your WCA profile.”

Spectators can attend for free on both days from 9am.

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