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Styckx Theatre support call for fringe

The team behind a unique bamboo ‘theatre’ is appealing for money to help fund its construction ahead of November’s Nati Frinj Biennale.

Nati Frinj organisers and Natimuk aerial performance company Y Space are endeavouring to bring to life a construction known as Styckx Theatre for the biennale.

The planned 45-metre long, 25-metre wide and 16-metre tall bamboo theatre space was designed by internationally renowned Natimuk artist Simon Barley before his death in 2007.

Mr Barley, through his company Bambuco, was famous for designing temporary bamboo structures and art works.

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The Styckx Theatre has previously featured at the Nati Frinj Biennale but has not been erected anywhere in more than a decade.

The theatre in its current iteration will tell the story of a bamboo being known as Mr Styckx, whose world is peaceful until four playground engineers crash into his reality.

The project has secured funding from Australia Council for the Arts and Creative Victoria but needs $10,000 to support the purchase of sustainably sourced bamboo from Queensland.

Y Space director Jillian Pearce said all donations towards the project were tax deductible and would help support not only the construction of the installation in Natimuk, but the potential to tour it in other regional and metropolitan cities.

Ms Pearce said a series of community workshops would be presented at the theatre in the lead-up to Nati Frinj, which is from November 1-3.

Workshops will encourage people to see the space as a ‘playground’ while fostering bamboo construction skills in the region.

There will be daily performances at the theatre during the biennale.

People can support the project by donating via website

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