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    WINNING STYLE: Glenlee Park stud owner Will Schilling shows off his Reserve Champion Border Leicester ewe at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show.

Wimmera studs set standards at sheep and wool show

By Abby Walter

Wimmera sheep stud owners returned from Australia’s biggest sheep show event with a range of ribbons and accolades for a variety of breeds.

The annual Australian Sheep and Wool Show saw breeders from across the country exhibit their ewes and rams in Bendigo on July 16 and 17.

Glenlee Park stud owner Will Schilling said Border Leicesters were the feature breed of this year’s show.

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“Every year they have a feature breed that they put in the middle of the shed to showcase,” he said.

“We won reserve champion ewe and probably the bigger one to win was the most successful exhibitor.

“There were 20 studs there and in the end, we were probably most consistent.”

Mr Schilling said he had been showing at Bendigo for 10 years.

“The number one reason to show is to compare your sheep and number two is for potential sales later in the year,” he said.

“Taking sheep to the show, you get to compare them with your other fellow breeders to see if you are doing a good job. You can also have people look for potential stud sires – so people will buy our better rams for pretty reasonable money and take them for their stud and use them for their stud.

“People see your sheep and think they might come to your sale later on.

“If you have a ram that does really well, it might gain a fair bit of interest, so if he goes and wins a reserve or supreme ribbon it might make him worth a bit more.”

Mr Schilling said the year had been the best he had seen since running his stud operation.

“The crops have been growing and ewes are all about to start lambing, so they’ll be lambing into more feed than they know what to do with – it’s a good problem to have,” he said.

“Last year we were off to a pretty slow start, but this year it just started raining and it didn’t stop, so things look good.”

Glenpaen Merino Stud, at Brimpaen, had a successful showing, coming away the most successful fine wool exhibitor title.

The stud also won grand champion merino ram of the show, Victorian-bred ram of the year, fine medium wool ram of the show, champion fine wool merino horn ram, junior champion fine wool ewe, junior champion merino ewe, champion March shorn fine wool merino ewe and champion March shorn fine wool poll merino ewe.

Mertex Texel and White Suffolk Stud, at Antwerp, finished the show twice winning the supreme interbreed short wooled sheep of the show and also the group of one ram and two ewes.

The stud finished second in the interbreed short wool exhibit with a White Suffolk ewe and in interbreed short wool group for Texel.

Aurora Park and Burrandool Studs owner Mathew Hill said he won champion Hampshire Down ram and champion Hampshire Down ewe, allowing him to take out supreme champion Hampshire Down exhibit.

“It felt really good. I won both those awards in 2019 when the last show was held, so it was nice to back it up three years later,” he said.

“I thought most studs were showing as a hobby, but I get quite a few people to travel to see me at the show, which is quite nice.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all and wasn’t thinking people would come just to see my sheep, but they did, and some travelled quite a distance, from upper New South Wales, to come to the show and say hello.”

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