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    Brittany Bates. Horsham Arts Council Broadway Showcase.

Curtains open on next big musical for Horsham Arts Council

By Abby Walter

As the curtains close on Horsham Arts Council’s Broadway Showcase production, the group is preparing for its next big show in October.

Broadway Showcase producer Simon Dandy said the process for its next musical, Legally Blonde, was different from how the council had set up productions in the past.

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“Normally with productions, someone in the arts council will come to us with a proposal, team and budget that we debate and ask questions about before deciding to pursue it or not,” he said.

“This time, we as a committee picked the show from a list of 20 to 30. We picked one we thought would attract people to join the cast and the community would enjoy.

“Now, people who want one of the production roles can apply, and while we need people with certain skills, everyone can get involved.”

Mr Dandy said the council would host an information session next month for people to learn more about the production, before hosting auditions ‘a short time later’.

“We are in uncharted waters. The cast might be filled with people from the production just gone, but we might also get someone new in. We won’t know if we don’t try,” he said.  

“It’s a fact in pretty much any amateur theatre that there aren’t many men.

“In Broadway Showcase we had 21 women and six men, so we would encourage any man who wants to audition to do so.

“Most of the time people count themselves out because they think they can’t sing, or dance, or act, but then they come and try and it turns out they can, plus we go through three to four months of training and development.

“Half the battle is having a go and by the end most people are belting out tunes.

“You don’t have to be a soloist, it’s just as fun to be in the ensemble.”

Mr Dandy said the council would welcome anyone ‘who wants to come along to join the cast and crew’.

“We’re looking forward to it. It’s a big commitment, but it’s worth it once you get to the theatre and hear the crowd and the applause,” he said.

“You meet so many new people in a great environment that is caring, nurturing and creative.”

Mr Dandy said the latest production, a collection of various tunes from 24 different new and classic musicals, was excellent.

“We received good feedback and it was good to see people back on stage,” he said.

“It’s community theatre but it’s a high-level community theatre group, and the feedback we got was that people can’t believe how much local talent we have.

“A lot of work went into it, but it was great to see people walking out with a smile from the theatre – that’s what it is all about.”


Mr Dandy said more information regarding auditions and the information session would be posted on Horsham Arts Council’s social media platforms. 

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