The Weekly Advertiser Classifieds


Keep your personal sales and negotiations safe, private and in the hands of professionals. Use a marketing tool that has worked for hundreds of years - newspaper classifieds!!


With The Weekly Advertiser's Run It Till You Sell It, your classified advertisement runs in the paper every week for six months unless sold prior. 

ITEMS $1000 or under - prices start at $14.30 for the first 12 words or less*

ITEMS over $1000 - prices start at $28.60 for the first 12 words or less*

*This offer is not available for businesses, business owners or real estate

* $4.40 per 4 words thereafter

*Photos are $22 on top of the word price



Run It Till You Sell It are subject to review after six months. The Run It Till You Sell It offer is only applicable for one item be advertisement. If item price is not included in a  Run It Till You Sell It, a higher pricing will apply. The publisher reserves the right to omit or alter any advertisement. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to notify the publisher of any errors on the first day of publication. Every care is taken to prevent errors and accidental omissions but no financial responsibility can be accepted for loss resulting from such an error or omission. 



Cash, cheque, Mastercard or Visa accepted. 



10am Tuesday prior to Wednesday publication, this includes payment and advertisement details. 



Click the button below to show the form to purchase a classified.  Fill in your details in relative columns and a reception staff member will contact you as soon as possible to finalise your advertisement.