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    Firebrace Street, Horsham.

Earthquake shakes Victoria

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake at a 10 kilometre depth has been recorded earlier this morning, with the epicentre recorded between Mansfield and Rawson, Victoria.

Wimmera residents reported the quake this morning.

Robyn Pike of Horsham said it felt like the building moved forward then back.

Lorquon resident Gayle Newcombe said her entire barn was vibrating.

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"I was witting in my art studio and pictures on the walls were moving," she said. "Not big movement but certainly movement. Was unreal."
Tori Power thought she was having a dizzy spell.

"I nearly fell off the arm of couch. But the light and hanging chair were swaying so figured I didn’t imagine it."

Brianne Grayling said she was sitting in her loungeroom and it 'felt like the whole room was moving for about 5-10 seconds'.

Steve Garwood was sitting in his loungeroom when the quake hit.
"The front door rattled and the fan on the roof shook and moved," he said.

The earthquake occurred around 9.15am, with 35,000 reports and numerous accounts of building damage across multiple areas in metropolitan Melbourne, and other parts of the State.

Since the intial earthquake, six magnitude 3.5, 4.1, 2.5, 3.1, 2.4 and 2.9 aftershocks have since occurred near the epicentre area of Mansfield.

The earthquake caused temporary power loss this morning, with more than 35,000 people without power across metropolitan parts of Melbourne and some regional parts including the Mansfield area and surrounds. Since 13:00 this afternoon, 612 remain without power.

Minor building damage has been recorded in parts of Melbourne including; Kensington, Ascot Vale, Prahran, Parkdale, Elsternwick, West Melbourne and Balwyn, and with further aftershocks still possible, the Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) is urging Victorians to stay safe and use common sense if out and about.


So far, VICSES volunteers have responded to over 108 calls for help in regards to earthquake assistance, primarily for building damage regarding facades, chimneys and older building structures.


Since the initial reports, the Department of Transport and Water Authorities have been checking rail and road infrastructure, along with dams and water storages, including the Hume Dam with no issues found.


VICSES Chief Officer Operations, Tim Wiebusch, said he does not expect the commitment to be significant for the recovery phase, but emergency services remain ready to assist with a wide range of earthquake response operations, from roofing to chainsaw work.


“It’s important to remain clam, but vigilant. Aftershocks can continue to occur for some time after the main earthquake, if you are located in Victoria, you need to know what to do. Expect aftershocks, and ensure to stay away from damaged buildings and other hazards,” he said.


"Since this morning, VICSES crews have been out in their communities undertaking public reassurance activities with Incident Control Centres activated in North East Victoria, Metro Melbourne and Gippsland.


Emergency Management Commissioner, Andrew Crisp, said the State Control Centre is supporting VICSES with the response.

“Thank you to all our VICSES volunteers and to everyone who joined the response effort this morning. Geoscience Australia have notified us that aftershocks can continue for some time after the initial earthquake so I remind Victorians to stay safe, and to continue to contact the VICSES if they require assistance.”

“For the most up to date information please monitor the Vic Emergency channels and download the Vic Emergency app”, he said.