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Horsham and District Football Netball League releases 2024 draw

Horsham District Football Netball League will reintroduce an 18-round season in 2024 for the first time in five years.

Jeparit-Rainbow has departed from the league after the club voted to amalgamate with Southern Mallee Giants and the new entity will play in Wimmera league.

There will be an uneven number of clubs in Horsham District league next season, meaning weekly byes in the fixture, with each club experiencing two byes for the season.

The season begins on April 13.

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The only league bye will coincide with the June long weekend.

Harrow-Balmoral senior football team will have the chance to unveil its premiership flag at its first home game of the year in round three against Edenhope-Apsley.

There will be no senior football grand final rematch in season 2024, as runner-up Jeparit-Rainbow has left the competition.

Round seven will mark an A Grade grand final rematch when Edenhope-Apsley hosts Laharum.

The season will conclude on August 17 and will be followed by four weeks of finals, with the grand final scheduled for September 14.


Round one – Saturday, April 13

Pimpinio v Laharum

Kalkee v Swifts

Kaniva-Leeor United v Natimuk United

Noradjuha-Quantong v Harrow-Balmoral

Taylors Lake v Edenhope-Apsley

Rupanyup, bye

Round two – Saturday, April 20

Edenhope-Apsley v Noradjuha-Quantong (Edenhope)

Natimuk United v Taylors Lake

Swifts v Kaniva-Leeor United

Laharum v Kalkee

Rupanyup v Pimpinio

Harrow-Balmoral, bye

Round three – Saturday, April 27

Kalkee v Rupanyup

Kaniva-Leeor United v Laharum

Taylors Lake v Swifts

Noradjuha-Quantong v Natimuk United

Harrow-Balmoral v Edenhope-Apsley (Harrow)

Pimpinio, bye

Round four – Saturday, May 4

Natimuk United v Harrow-Balmoral

Swifts v Noradjuha-Quantong

Laharum v Taylors Lake

Rupanyup v Kaniva-Leeor United

Pimpinio v Kalkee

Edenhope-Apsley, bye

Round five – Saturday, May 11

Kaniva-Leeor United v Pimpinio

Taylors Lake v Rupanyup

Noradjuha-Quantong v Laharum

Harrow-Balmoral v Swifts (Balmoral)

Edenhope-Apsley v Natimuk United (Edenhope)

Kalkee, bye

Round six – Saturday, May 18

Swifts v Edenhope-Apsley

Laharum v Harrow-Balmoral

Pimpinio v Taylors Lake

Kalkee v Kaniva-Leeor United

Rupanyup v Noradjuha-Quantong

Natimuk United, bye

Round seven – Saturday, May 25

Taylors Lake v Kalkee

Noradjuha-Quantong v Pimpinio

Harrow-Balmoral v Rupanyup (Harrow)

Edenhope-Apsley v Laharum (Edenhope)

Natimuk United v Swifts

Kaniva-Leeor United, bye

Round eight – Saturday, June 1

Laharum v Natimuk United

Rupanyup v Edenhope-Apsley

Pimpinio v Harrow-Balmoral

Kalkee v Noradjuha-Quantong

Kaniva-Leeor United v Taylors Lake

 Swifts, bye

Round nine – Saturday, June 15

Noradjuha-Quantong v Kaniva-Leeor United

Harrow-Balmoral v Kalkee (Balmoral)

Edenhope-Apsley v Pimpinio (Edenhope)

Natimuk United v Rupanyup

Swifts v Laharum

Taylors Lake, bye

Round 10 – Saturday, June 22

Rupanyup v Swifts

Pimpinio v Natimuk United

Kalkee v Edenhope-Apsley

Kaniva-Leeor United v Harrow-Balmoral

Taylors Lake v Noradjuha-Quantong

Laharum, bye

Round 11 – Saturday, June 29

Harrow-Balmoral v Taylors Lake (Balmoral)

Edenhope-Apsley v Kaniva-Leeor United (Edenhope)

Natimuk United v Kalkee

Swifts v Pimpinio

Laharum v Rupanyup

Noradjuha-Quantong, bye

Round 12 – Saturday, July 6

Noradjuha-Quantong v Edenhope-Apsley

Taylors Lake v Natimuk United

Kaniva-Leeor United v Swifts

Kalkee v Laharum

Pimpinio v Rupanyup

Harrow-Balmoral, bye

Round 13 – Saturday, July 13

Laharum v Pimpinio

Swifts v Kalkee

Natimuk United v Kaniva-Leeor United

Edenhope-Apsley v Taylors Lake (Edenhope)

Harrow-Balmoral v Noradjuha-Quantong (Harrow)

Rupanyup, bye

Round 14 – Saturday, July 20

Rupanyup v Kalkee

Laharum v Kaniva-Leeor United

Natimuk United v Noradjuha-Quantong

Edenhope-Apsley v Harrow-Balmoral (Edenhope)

 Pimpinio, Taylors Lake, Swifts, bye

Round 15 – Saturday, July 27

Harrow-Balmoral v Natimuk United (Balmoral)

Noradjuha-Quantong v Swifts

Taylors Lake v Laharum

Kaniva-Leeor United v Rupanyup

Kalkee v Pimpinio

Edenhope-Apsley, bye

Round 16 – Saturday, August 3

Pimpinio v Kaniva-Leeor United

Rupanyup v Taylors Lake

Swifts v Harrow-Balmoral

Natimuk United v Edenhope-Apsley

Kalkee, Laharum, Noradjuha-Quantong, bye

Round 17 – Saturday, August 10

Edenhope-Apsley v Swifts (Edenhope)

Harrow-Balmoral v Laharum (Harrow)

Noradjuha-Quantong v Rupanyup

Taylors Lake v Pimpinio

Kaniva-Leeor United v Kalkee

Natimuk United, bye

Round 18 – Saturday, August 17

Kalkee v Taylors Lake

Pimpinio v Noradjuha-Quantong

Rupanyup v Harrow-Balmoral

Laharum v Edenhope-Apsley

Swifts v Natimuk United

Kaniva-Leeor United, bye

First elimination final, Saturday August 24 at Harrow

Second elimination final, Sunday August 25 at Pimpinio

Second semi-final, Saturday, August 31 at Edenhope

First semi-final, Sunday, September 1 at Rupanyup

Preliminary final, Saturday, September 7 at Natimuk

Grand final, Saturday September 14 at North Park, Stawell


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