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LETTERS: Labor can do more, Congratulations Nhill

Labor can do more

Member for Mallee Anne Webster rails against Labor’s ‘Broken Promises’ on April 3, 2024. 

She mentions power bills. At least Labor capped electricity and gas prices, which saved consumers money. The Coalition voted against this. 

Further energy price relief is slated for the next Federal Budget. Will the Coalition vote against this? 

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Moreover, a record-breaking volume of renewable energy has driven the price of electricity generation down 24 percent, raising the likelihood of cuts at the next round of price setting on July 1, 2024.

Ms Webster criticises the rollout of transmission lines and wind projects through rural areas as compromising prime agricultural land. But only about two percent of land is needed for transmission lines. 

Land clearing for grazing purposes opens up many times the area of solar and wind. Just ask the 8000 members of Farmers for Climate Action who want clean renewable energy and all the money and jobs which are brought to regional communities by renewables as a result.

Ms Webster says the Coalition has consistently focused on the cost-of-living. With respect – they have not. 

For instance, they voted against the bulk billing incentives, which has almost doubled a doctor’s income in rural areas, making it more economic for them to return to bulk billing.

The Coalition also voted against cheaper prescription medicines, increases in the minimum wage, increases in the wages of aged care workers and increases in rent assistance for those on benefits.

Ms Webster complains about Labor reneging on the original stage three tax cuts. But the revised tax cuts give every taxpayer a tax cut which would benefit more than 80 per cent of taxpayers in our electorate. 

The original tax cuts gave no tax relief to people on less than $45,000 a year, little to those on $45,000 and $9000 to people on $200,000. Where is the cost-of-living relief in this?

Ms Webster makes no mention of the Coalition policy on nuclear energy. 

They started out with small modular reactors, but none will have opened around the world until 2029. They then switched to large nuclear reactors. But where? Apparently, a dozen Coalition MPs want nuclear, but just not in their backyards.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton wants six nuclear plants built at old coal power station sites. But AGL, the biggest owner of coal fired power stations, says this is impractical because of high costs, long build times and public opinion. This policy will not reduce power prices.

Obviously, many Australians are hurting because of cost-of-living pressures. 

Labor can do more and so can the Coalition.

Robert Blakeley,


Congratulations Nhill

A huge congratulations to the organising committee of the Nhill Air Show. 

From the moment you drove in the gate there was someone to help or direct you. 

Golf carts, with drivers, were on hand for those unable to walk from the gates to the hangars where the main action was taking place. 

The list of activities was impressive, as was the number of refreshments available. 

Then there was the actual air show with all you could hope to see.

Looking forward to joining the crowd at the next one.

Sue O’Bryan

The entire April 17, 2024 edition of The Weekly Advertiser is available online. READ IT HERE!