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LETTER: In the firing line

SIR – David Berry’s letter in The Weekly Advertiser, July 31, reminds me of an incident that occurred in Horsham almost 50 years ago when one of Horsham’s progressive element disparaged the silent majority for not agreeing with them with comments that if Horsham’s silent majority cannot agree with whatever was being discussed then they ought to go back to sleep and be quiet.

This time it is Owen Hughan and John Robinson who are in the firing line.

David seems to have forgotten that we all have the right within those constraints of the law to say and do as we like and that if he disagrees with those thoughts and actions then that is just too bad.

In view of that, I found the criticism of these two gentlemen unwarranted.

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Owen has a record in professional, sporting and administrative life that is second to none in Horsham.

He is associated with a sport in Horsham that is run on such sound lines that it should be the envy of all others.

Owen and his association have never hung around waiting for that something or funding ‘to fall out of the sky’, but have worked hard and competently to get where they are today.

They are certainly not some ‘minority group’ that ‘hold this city to ransom’.

I do not know councillor John Robinson, but let me publicly say that I can assure him that he has my support in his efforts to represent the ratepayers and others of Horsham.

If I were him, I would take David’s comments as being hit around the ears with a piece of wet cabbage – irritating but nothing more.  I rate Mr Robinson as one of our best councillors.

As far as the Draft Masterplan – City to River goes, I believe that almost every sentence in it can be challenged, along with its concepts, and that the reactions to this plan are only just the beginning, therefore comments such as moving ‘into the 21st century’ and ‘new levels of maturity’ will be seen for what they are – worthless. I encourage Owen and John to keep expressing their thoughts as they are valuable.

In conclusion, may I be so bold as to suggest to David that when he signs his name to a letter that that signifies and represents his thoughts and his thoughts only.

To try and embellish a letter by referring to anonymous and invisible people is nothing more than a poor debating trick.

So let’s have no more of this ‘some of us are sick and tired’ nonsense.

If they exist let them speak for themselves and have the courage to stand on their own two feet.

Phil Lienert



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