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    David Berry.

LETTER: Negativity must stop


SIR, – I’m sick and tired of continually reading and hearing negative comments and views from basketball representative Owen Hughan and Horsham councillor John Robinson on future development of Horsham.

What hope does this city have of moving with the times if we continually refer to opinions based on an obvious overt conservative belief that nothing needs to change or that we shouldn’t even talk about change.

No one denies that when it comes to talking basketball, Mr Hughan is the man. But could he please let this city develop and move into the 21st century.

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When it comes to Cr Robinson – for three quarters of a term in council it comes across that he has thumbed his nose at council process and procedure, let alone accept a democratic vote. To ‘stand aside’ from the council based on failing to secure votes on issues or being unhappy with council decisions is akin to the kid in the schoolyard who has taken his bat and ball and gone home.

There needs to be some new levels of maturity at council level. 

Surely, we have learnt lessons from the Horsham Town Hall fiasco.

If we as a municipality don’t have projects ready to go when funding ‘falls out of the sky’ like what happened with the town hall, what hope have we got of possibly attracting funding in the first place?

What is wrong with putting a concept plan in front of the community and asking people for feedback? Nothing at all, because all plans have to start somewhere. The cart is not before the horse.

Okay, some sports feel they are being given the rough end of the pineapple. 

Surely as long as these sporting groups are not being disadvantaged in potential relocation then they have to consider any proposal. 

It’s not as if we are talking about the demise of the MCG.

Why do and how can minority groups hold this city to ransom?

Acknowledge history but move into the 21st century. Please look at the big picture, not what has happened or what has served us well in the past.

Comments from the likes of Mr Hughan and Cr Robinson are obviously welcome – everyone must be able to put forward their points of view.

But some of us are sick and tired of hearing less than progressive arguments when as a rural city we must take steps to move forward. 

David Berry


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